Myths about Root Canal Treatment

Afraid of RCTs?

Here are some myths busted about your tooth’s life saving
procedure, i.e. Root Canal Treatment

Myth: “Root Canal Treatment is painful”
Fact: Actually, RCT relieves pain, because of modern technologies
and painless anesthetics, most patients will describes the procedure
as “painless”

Myth: “Root Canal Treatment causes illness”
Fact: There is no scientific evidence that connects Root Canal
Treatment and diseases.

Myth: “The better alternative to Root Canal Treatment is tooth
Fact: Saving your natural teeth is better option. You can never
really replace a natural tooth. While most artificial teeth do not last
lifetime, requiring multiple visits, a perfectly done Root Canal
can last lifetime.

Myth: “A Root Canal Treatment kills the tooth”
Fact: Root Canal Treatment actually clean and disinfect the inside
of a tooth. It allows it to heal rather than damaging it even further.

Myth: “Root Canal Treatment can take forever and you need multiple
Fact: Because of new technologies, Root Canal Treatment can be
done within few hours. Appointments only depend upon the severity
of the damage

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